Team – Ember Entertainment


Ember Entertainment was founded in 2011 in Seattle WA by console industry veterans Ryan Geithman and Max Wagner. Drawing from the best talent in the northwest Ember’s goal is to develop highly polished mobile games that are fun to play.


Ryan Geithman

Co-Founder / President

Ryan was previously the Co-Founder and President of Snowblind Studios.    He first began his career as a programmer before transitioning into more design and business roles as Snowblind grew.  Ryan was President of Snowblind from founding it in 1997 to when it was sold to Warner Brothers in early 2009.  Ryan then left Snowblind at the end of 2010 to start Ember Entertainment in 2011.

His career highlight was helping to design and program “Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance” which won Console Role Playing Game of the Year.

 Max Wagner

Co-Founder / Technical Director

Max was previously the Co-Founder and Technical Director of Signal Studios.  He began his career in games at Snowblind Studios where he became the Technical director and oversaw the development of the internal engine technology.  After leaving Snowblind to start Signal he helped create the hit game Toy Soldiers for XBLA.  In mid 2011 Max left Signal to join Ember.